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Explore products from these companies exhibiting at the 2013 NSC Congress & Expo, Sept. 28 – Oct. 4 in Chicago. Click the "more information" links to visit company websites or click on booth numbers to view their positions on the Expo Floor.


Junkin -  OD 2013

Junkin Safety Supply Company

Junkin Safety Appliance Company manufactures and distributes a variety of safety and rescue equipment including basket stretchers, plastic stretchers, aluminum break-apart stretchers, air-rescue stretchers, aluminum and steel pole stretchers with vinyl covers, stretcher kits, stretcher accessories, wooden and polyethylene backboards, first aid equipment and fire blankets. For more information visit junkinsafety.com or email: [email protected].

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3M Peltor - OD 2013


Booth #3611

Introducing the NEW 3M Peltor X Series Earmuffs! The X Series earmuffs come in 5 different models, featuring Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) ranging from 21 dB to 31 dB, making it 3M’s highest NRR earmuff available! Lightweight with an electrically-insulated, twin headband design, they help reduce heat build-up while offering balance and comfortable pressure during prolonged use.

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Blackline-  OD 2013

Blackline GPS

Booth #722

New! Location beacon technology enables employee safety monitoring indoors. Blackline's person-worn Loner® safety monitoring devices automatically detect falls and man-down events. Employees can also manually request help with an emergency latch. Monitoring personnel can manage an efficient, pin-point emergency response to incidents using ANThill beacon locations and GPS. Intrinsically safe.

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Brady-  OD 2013

Brady Worldwide, Inc.

Booth #915

Tired of replacing damaged or worn lines of floor tape? Brady's Tough-Stripe® Floor Marking Tape is the most durable floor tape for the industrial workplace. It's test-proven to withstand forklift traffic better than other tape-based floor marking products. That means less tearing, less lifting and less time re-applying floor tape! Visit www.BradyID.com/ToughStripe for more information.

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Cavcom -  OD 2013

CavCom, Inc.

Booth #4825

NEW from CavCom: Blue, metal-detectable ear tips for use with CAVCOM, RADIO GEAR and other compatible 2-way radio communication systems. They’re industry tough and specially designed for employees working in food processing, or in any industry where product contamination is unacceptable. For more information, call: (866) 547-4988 or go to http://cavcominc.com/products/product.php/Metal+

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