Woodworking incidents more serious on the job; more common as hobby: study

Besancon, France – Although the majority of woodworking injuries stem from hobby-related activities, the most serious incidents take place on the job, according to a recent study.

A group of researchers analyzed the cases of 79 patients in a region of France where woodworking is prevalent and included details about the nature of the woodworking incidents, the severity of the injuries and the demographics of the patients.

Although work-related incidents accounted for only 35.4 percent of woodworking injuries, they resulted in longer hospital stays and work stoppages, researchers said. Most of those injured on the job were carpenters (46 percent) or loggers (35 percent), and almost nine-tenths of the workers were using new machines when they were injured.

Safety gear was not a given for either group of injured woodworkers. Sixty-eight percent of workers wore safety gear at the time of their incidents, while 31 percent of hobbyists wore appropriate safety equipment.

The study was published online July 10 in the journal Chirurgie de la Main.