Product Focus: Incentives

Trends in ... incentives

Make it memorable

Technology continues to play a prominent role in safety programs, and safety incentive programs are keeping pace. “The trend that we are seeing, in regard to incentives, is an increased desire for web-based and mobile application technology,” said Lori Irvin, CRP, strategic recognition analyst for Charlotte, NC-based C.A. Short. “These new points-based platforms allow employees to give, receive and redeem incentives quickly, easily and on the spot, with a focus on rewarding for proactive safety behaviors.” Noting the possibility that some workers may struggle with this type of technology, Irvin recommends providing proper training.

New technologies also are providing a way to tie incentive programs to worker wellness, according to Brian Galonek, president of Fiskdale, MA-based All Star Incentive Marketing. “My company is currently having a health-related walking competition and we are wearing Fitbit devices to keep track of our daily step counts,” he said. “Participants are grouped into teams, and the winning team each month – along with the individual team winners – are all awarded points redeemable for prizes in our internal wellness incentive program.”

Creating a program

When creating an incentive program, ensure it is OSHA-compliant. According to Irvin, a compliant program should “emphasize positive involvement in safety and health activities, measure both leading and lagging indicators, and account for rewards based on proactive safety behaviors.”

Galonek believes it is important to make incentive programs memorable and ambitious. This does not necessarily mean using cash as an incentive. Galonek recommends offering brand-name products such as golf clubs, electronics or an item self-selected by participants. “Offering a wide variety of tangible brand-name awards will ensure that the award, and the safety achievements that earned it, are remembered for many years to come,” he said.

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Compiled with the assistance of the International Safety Equipment Association