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Free training for nurses aimed at combating ill effects of long hours


Photo: Jochen Sands/Digital Vision/Thinkstock

Washington – NIOSH is offering a free online training program to help educate nurses and supervisors about reducing the health and safety risks of shift work and long hours.

The two-part multimedia program includes text, quizzes and video testimonials from nurses addressing “personal behaviors and workplace systems” intended to lower risks related to shift work, long hours and inadequate sleep.

Part 1, which takes about 1.5 hours to complete, covers the risks of shift work and long hours. Part 2, which lasts about 1.7 hours, addresses strategies to help reduce these risks. Topics include:

  • How shift work and long hours reduce sleep duration, disrupt circadian rhythms and disturb personal responsibilities
  • Sleep practices and other strategies to lower risks of shift work and long hours
  • Work-organization strategies for employers

The program was developed by nursing and academic groups as well as other health care stakeholders. Registered nurses can use the course for continuing education credit; others can receive a certificate of completion.