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Inspector General to OSHA: More work needed to improve effectiveness

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Washington – OSHA continues to lack means to measure the effectiveness of its programs and struggles with how best to use its limited resources, according to a report from the Department of Labor Office of Inspector General.

Released Nov. 16, the report outlines the top challenges facing various DOL agencies and steps taken to improve operations. It cites previous OIG audits that found OSHA lacked outcome-based data necessary to determine the effectiveness of its various programs, claiming the agency’s current measures are more focused on activities rather than outcomes.

OSHA is conducting a study on its Site-Specific Targeting Program, and OIG urged the agency to analyze the results to improve targeting as a way to better use its resources. The agency also should evaluate new performance measures for their effectiveness on worker safety and health, and develop measures to assess the Whistleblower Protection Program.

In addition, the report details deficiencies in the Mine Safety and Health Administration and DOL’s Job Corps. OIG states that MSHA needs to gain better knowledge of incident underreporting to improve its strategy of addressing mine operator programs, and DOL must take steps to control violence and ensure a safe learning environment at its Job Corps centers.