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FMCSA removes out-of-state conviction reporting requirement

Washington – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has eliminated a requirement that commercial motor vehicle operators report out-of-state traffic convictions to their licensing state, according to a final rule (.pdf file) scheduled to go into effect May 28.

The change applies to all traffic violations other than parking violations. States already are required to communicate traffic convictions to the state that issued the driver’s CDL or learner’s permit. If the conviction occurs in a state that happens to lose its authority to have a certified program (currently all 50 states have certified CDL programs), the driver must self-report the conviction to the licensing state within 30 days.

The final rule will reduce a regulatory burden on CMV operators and state-level driver licensing agencies, FMCSA states. As per previous requirements, CMV operators still must notify their employer of the conviction within 30 days.