Lauretta Claussen

Former associate editor


Carpal tunnel syndrome

Workplace myth?

Carpal tunnel syndrome from computer use unlikely, experts claim
According to experts, including the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, little clinical evidence suggests computer keyboard use is a risk factor for developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Although other types of hand strain can result from overuse of a keyboard or mouse, CTS likely is not linked to these actions.
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Safe on the home front

Protecting the health and safety of teleworkers
In December 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Telework Enhancement Act, which required government agencies to establish a policy on working outside the office and identify which employees would be eligible to do so. The act also required government agencies to incorporate a telework program into their emergency plans for natural disasters or other emergencies.
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Alone but not alienated

Promoting safety among lone workers
Monitoring and managing the safe behavior of a workforce can be a difficult task, even in an enclosed environment. Although the term “lone worker” also covers those performing individual jobs on a worksite – such as a job task in an area of the plant that cannot be easily viewed by co-workers, or even a receptionist in a large office building – the needs of remote workers who cannot be supervised through conventional means present perhaps the greatest challenge.
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Stress in the workplace

Stress in the workplace

Keeping stress in check could create a healthier – and safer – workforce
Research has shown a connection between high levels of workplace stress and chronic health conditions such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. High levels of stress also may make workers more susceptible to injuries and incidents.
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No alternative?

OSHA rescinds directive on residential construction fall protection requirements
OSHA recently rescinded a compliance directive that allowed residential construction workers to use “alternative” fall protection measures, and announced a new directive. Although some safety experts think the new directive will have a positive impact on safety, others believe it may create more hazards.
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