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An industry insider shares his views
Cuts, chemical burns, broken fingers and amputations are some of the hand injuries that commonly occur on the job. In fact, 121,860 nonfatal hand injuries involving days away from work were recorded in 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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Impact-resistant gloves

Protective Industrial Products is enhancing its G-Tek glove line, expanding both the general purpose and cut-resistant categories with gloves that offer protection to the back of the hand.
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Nitrile palm work glove

The 35-7465 Cut-Less Watchdog glove features lightweight, 18-gauge seamless knit KorPlex cut-resistant technology and a premium, breathable foam nitrile palm coating for extreme comfort, cut protection and grip.
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Cut-resistant gloves

Tuffalene Platinum Gloves are constructed without steel or glass fiber, so particles of these fibers don’t contaminate other materials during handling.
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