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‘No gloves? No hand protection’
Hand protection manufacturers are striving to produce thinner, lighter and more comfortable gloves to help ensure worker compliance. Here, industry insiders discuss updates to hand protection standards, the importance of comfort and why holding onto your favorite pair of work gloves might not be the best decision.
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Leather utility glove

The FR Leather Utility Glove is a double-layered goatskin work glove sewn into an ergonomic, 3D glove pattern with a gauntlet cuff. The glove is completely lined with 100 percent Kevlar fiber by DuPont.
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Nitrile glove line

The SHOWA N-DEX product range comprises 17 different styles and variations that are suitable for medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical, cleanroom, food handling, mechanical, automotive and chemical use.
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Leather glove

The GX5015 Mechanics Glove from Black Stallion is a multi-purpose, multi-protection leather glove for industrial, fabrication, equipment operation and other uses.
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Work glove

Advancements in nanofabrication have resulted in the development of G-Tek Suprene, a new graphene-based fiber that is proving to be among the highest in resistance to cut and tear.
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Goatskin impact glove

The T-REX Rebel Series TRX841 Goatskin Touchscreen Compatible Driver Style Impact Glove combines a premium goatskin leather shell for dexterity and abrasion resistance with ANSI Level A4 cut protection and Magid’s I-Force Defense System back-of-hand protection that extends all the way to the fingertips and in between the thumb and index finger to deflect and absorb impacts.
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Dry environment glove

MaxiCut Ultra is the latest cut-resistant glove offering for dry environments, integrating the core values of MaxiCut into a thinner, more comfortable and durable package.
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