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Trends in ... eye protection

Don’t overlook eye protection
Workplace eye injuries are a serious problem. According to, more than 2,000 workers experience an eye injury on the job every day, and about 1 in 10 of these injuries require missed workdays. In addition, “of the total amount of work-related injuries, 10 (percent) to 20 percent will cause temporary or permanent vision loss,” the organization states.
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Lightweight eye protection

Lightweight with a sporty wraparound design, KleenGuard Nemesis Eye Protection offers users an array of lenses and comfort features, such as flexible, soft-touch temples for all-day comfort.
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Eye protection

Maverick Eye Protection, the first eyewear created for the KleenGuard Brand, is designed with human-centric engineering that enables rather than inhibits – allowing for maximum productivity and safety.
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Ankle-high shoe covers

More than shoe covers but less than boots, Kimtech Pure A7 Ankle-High Shoe Covers deliver a higher barrier of protection from liquids while providing superior grip.
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Powered air-purifying respirator

The Jackson Safety* Airmax Elite Powered Air Purifying Respirator protects workers from the respiratory dangers of welding fumes and heat stress – without sacrificing visibility.
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Safety glasses

Jackson Safety* Nemesis* Safety Glasses offer impact protection for many different work environments.
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Protective apparel

KleenGuard A45 Liquid and Particle Protection Surface Prep and Paint Apparel is ideal for use in surface preparation and paint application areas where isocyanate and chromate dust protection is mandated.
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Full face goggle

The Jackson Safety* V90 Shield features the Monogoggle* XTR* with indirect ventilation and a polycarbonate shield for full face protection.
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Kimberly-Clark Professional

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Discover comfort and freedom of movement with KleenGuard* A45 Paint & Protective Apparel. Our lightweight, silicone-free, anti-stat material and enclosed zipper provide an exceptional liquid and particle barrier. And our exclusive Reflex* design sets the standard for comfortable fit and agility to keep you productive all day.

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