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Reduce crushing injuries involving presses

Nearly half of all work-related injuries involving mechanical power presses result in amputation, statistics compiled by OSHA show. Around 60% of amputations involve a worker’s fingers or arm getting caught or compressed by a press or other machinery such as a conveyer, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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Ejection curtain guarding kit

The Ejection Curtain Guarding Kit gives machinists confidence, knowing they’re able to achieve efficient hydraulic press use while being protected by a coiled wire fabric guard that reduces the risk of cuts, lacerations and punctures from flying debris.
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Safeguarding device

The Detect-A-Finger Drop-Probe Device is designed to prevent a riveter, welder or other small machine from cycling if it encounters fingers in the point-of-operation area, thus preventing contact between the operator and dangerous moving parts.
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Safety covers

Twist and Secure Push Button and E-Stop Safety Covers are designed to temporarily prevent access to machine start and engaged emergency stop buttons for production and facility utility operating equipment.
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