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Trends in ... protective clothing

Take proactive steps
From flame-resistant beanies and shirts to high-visibility vests and overalls, protective clothing is a wide-ranging category. Here, industry insiders describe innovations in the protective clothing industry, explain where employees make mistakes and how to correct them, and offer tips on staying safe.
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Stanco Safety Products

Coolworks® workwear from Stanco is designed to relieve heat stress in the workplace. These highly engineered, durable pants are vented with patented, tear-resistant mesh from the knee down to provide a safer, more comfortable clothing option for industrial workers. Now, there are workpants that can feel like shorts.
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Trends in ... head and face protection

A construction worker is on the ground floor of a house being built, hanging drywall. Above him, another worker pounds away on the roof. Without warning, the at-height worker unintentionally drops a tool he was using, which hits the ground-floor worker in the head on its way down.
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Corporate Profiles: Stanco Safety Products

Today, there are many options for high-quality flame-resistant apparel for electric arc flash and flash fire protection, protective workwear, and industrial safety products. Stanco Safety Products brings all of these together in one simple package.
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