Near misses



Implementing a near-miss reporting system

An employee may recount a story of a “close call” at work. He or she also may describe the incident as a “near collision” or “narrow escape.” All these terms refer to a near miss.
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near misses

Reporting near misses

Why are they important, and how can safety pros get employees involved?
Observing and abating hazards before someone gets hurt is vital to ensuring worker safety, and a near-miss program can help. Learn what near misses are, how they work, and how to collect reports on them.
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Near misses -- Everybody gets to go home 500

'Everybody gets to go home in one piece'

How reporting close calls can prevent future incidents
While running up a flight of stairs on an icy morning, merging from one lane to another during rush hour or sliding centimeters past an open file cabinet at the office, every day we narrowly avoid incidents that could result in a serious injury. When these incidents take place on the job, it can serve as a warning that a serious incident is waiting to happen.
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