Material handling

August 2021



Pallet loader

The PalletPal Inverter is a safer alternative to manual restacking. When operating, a full pallet with a second pallet on top of the load is placed into the inverter, where two double-acting hydraulic cylinders securely clamp the load.
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The Traverse T1056X telehandler features a traversing boom carriage with the capability to move loads by traveling horizontally. This exclusive feature allows operators to safely place loads at full lift height without needing to coordinate multiple boom functions.
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Materials mover

The Extra-Duty Power Pusher transports heavy loads fast and without excess exertion or muscle strain. Its 24-volt DC, 400-watt motor allows a single person to maneuver loads up to 50,000 pounds with total control, while the transaxle design delivers stable operation over uneven surfaces.
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Lift tables

XZ Series Lift Tables feature zero-height platforms that sit just 3/8 of an inch above the floor. This extreme low height allows loads to be rolled on or off with a hand pallet jack, making the tables ideal for facilities without a forklift, or for use in fork-free designated areas.
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