August 2022


Trends in ... eyewashes and showers

‘The safest possible environment’
When a workplace emergency occurs, “safety equipment must work properly when called upon,” says Ryan Pfund, senior product manager for Menomonee Falls, WI-based Bradley Corp. Eyewashes and safety showers are an integral part of a facility’s emergency response plan. What can employers do to ensure these products are in proper working order for workers?
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Faucet/eyewash station

The SEF-1880 Eyesaver incorporates two separate water channels in the faucet body: one for the eyewash and the other for the faucet. When combined with a thermostatic mixing valve, this dual design ensures the integrated eyewash delivers a consistently safe, tepid water temperature. The Optimus aerated spray creates a gentle cleansing experience for the affected eye area.
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Shower and eye/facewash solution

The Axion MSR Freeze-Protected Shower and Eye/Face Wash has a unique three-way valve to reduce the amount of pressurized pipe and nonpressurized standing water, which greatly lowers the amount of “dead leg” water in the system and results in less opportunity for Legionella bacteria growth. An easy activation, easy return static handle ensures reliable contact in moments of need, eliminating the panic and delay caused by a missed grab of a traditional, free-floating shower handle pull.
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Safety shower test cart

This safety shower test cart can test multiple showers, and then uses an integral pump to drain the water. The cart has a 30-gallon capacity and can be operated by a single worker. When lowered, the cart is at the correct 60-inch height for a spray spread test. When raised, it works for shower heads up to 8 feet high.
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Tepid water delivery system

The Therm-O-Mix tepid water delivery system provides an instantaneous and reliable source of tepid water for safety showers and face and eyewash stations using a plant’s existing steam and water supplies. Designed to supply tepid water for one shower/eyewash combo at a time, it ensures a code-compliant output of 80° F water to protect users from scalding or freezing temperatures and facilitate a full flush.
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Decontamination booth

These decontamination booths are fully assembled and ready for installation to water supply and waste systems. The shower features chemical-resistant fiberglass. It comes equipped with a pull rod-activated shower and push-handle face/eyewash for immediate drenching of workers who have been exposed to hazardous chemicals.
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Faucet and emergency eyewash

The Halo Swing-Activated Faucet and Emergency Eyewash is ideal for any workspace or laboratory. This space-conserving fixture provides a faucet for regular use while the eyewash is stored out of the way.
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