Editor's Note

Editor Melissa J. Ruminski's monthly reflections


Editor's Note: Whose fine?

Back in 2010, the Canadian province of Nova Scotia announced a penalty system that would allow the government to issue fines to workers and front-line supervisors for safety violations. The move seemed so controversial that I assigned a member of the Safety+Health editorial team to track the story as it progressed.
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Editor's Note: Missing: You

One of my favorite sections of the magazine is the “What’s Your Opinion?” poll, which is featured on the “Etc.” page that concludes every issue of Safety+Health. If you look at this month’s Etc. page, however, you’ll see that something is missing – your voice.
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Editor's Note: Time flies

I’ve used “past and future” as a theme for this column before. But looking at the coverage in this month’s issue of Safety+Health, I’m struck by how, once more, it applies.
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Editor's Note: What's in a title?

As part of the 2013 Job Outlook survey, Safety+Health asked safety professionals if job titles and the responsibilities that come with them are consistent across the field. Results showed a majority of respondents answered “no.”
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