Hand protection



Silicone coated gloves

The Magid GPD787 (shown) and GPD487 combine RepTek Grip silicone palm coating and lightweight shell materials to make workers’ lives easier while ensuring their safety and comfort in hot and dangerous environments.
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Glove coating

The VersaTek Adaptive Palm Coating can adapt to amplify a worker’s grip when working in wet, dry, slick, abrasive or oily conditions. This allows workers to maintain natural hand movements and precision when handling small parts while also ensuring comfort and flexibility.
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Leather work glove

The GL103HT General Purpose Work Glove has a palm constructed of synthetic leather for an enhanced grip and a special mesh stretch fabric back for comfort and breathability.
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Protective sleeve and work gloves

Designed for arm and wrist protection, the TEKTYE sleeve features an ANSI A4 cut protection level without using fiberglass or stainless steel fibers. Its yarn technology enhances mobility while providing a custom, secure fit.
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Deerskin gloves

These genuine deerskin sports gloves feature 3M Thinsulate Insulation and black spandex with two-way stretch backing for fit and flexibility.
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FR glove line

The iQ Series Advantage Collection FR Glove set for oil and gas workers consists of five designs that bring together fit, feel, flex and fortified protection in an NFPA 2112-compliant collection.
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Work gloves

Coreless T-REX TRXDXG49 gloves offer industry-leading protection while keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. They’re the first impact-resistant gloves to incorporate TriTek Palm coating on a DX Technology coreless shell.
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Impact-resistant glove

The Corded Glove is hi-vis hand protection constructed of corded cotton and spandex. With a polyester liner, hook and loop, neoprene cuff, and thumb saddle, the glove is perfect for oil rigging; mining; framing; and mechanical, automotive and electrical applications.
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