Chevron refinery fire



Inherently Safer Design

The concept gains attention as chemical facility incidents continue to occur
After investigating a series of recent fires, explosions and toxic leaks at chemical plants, the Chemical Safety Board has emphasized the need for Inherently Safer Design. What does the term mean, and how can employers use the principles of ISD to create safer workplaces?
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CSB issues draft report on Chevron fire

Washington – Failure to apply inherently safer design principles, conduct damage mechanism hazard reviews and implement safeguards led to the hydrocarbon release and fire at a Chevron refinery in August 2012, concludes a draft report from the Chemical Safety Board.
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California bill: Abate hazards during appeals

Sacramento, CA – Reacting to a Chevron refinery fire last year that resulted in thousands of people seeking medical attention after breathing toxic emissions, a California lawmaker has introduced legislation to require abatement of unsafe conditions during any appeals process.
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