Head/face protection


Head protection

Pyramex Safety Ridgeline head protection comes in three styles and a variety of finishes and colors, including high-visibility options and vented versions, and is available with four- and six-point ratchet suspensions for easy adjusting.
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Welding helmet

The crystal2.0 Welding Helmet with Crystal 2.0 Lens Technology (CLT2.0) delivers 31 percent visible light transmission in its light state (Protection Level 2.0).
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Flame-resistant welding cap

Uniquely constructed of single-layer flame-resistant cotton, the AH1630-GS Flame-Resistant Welding Cap provides lightweight protection from sparks, with less heat trapping.
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Helmet pad

The Kalis Dry Cooling Helmet Pad cools for three days without recharging and installs easily into most hard hats with suspensions.
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Bump cap

The Bullard Bump Cap is a lightweight, sleekly styled cap designed and engineered to provide all-day comfort, durability and protection against minor bumps, bruises and lacerations.
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