Head/face protection


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This head protection sweatband is blue terry cloth and 100% cotton. The sweatband attaches using plastic snaps that provide a universal method of donning.
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Safety helmet

The lightweight GE GH400 protective safety helmet is engineered with the patented Koroyd impact-absorbing technology. Its cross-
ventilation cooling feature provides users with a comfortable fit.
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High-vis hat

The ANSI/ISEA 107-compliant Wide Brim Reflective Safari Hat is made from heavy-duty, high-visibility polyester fabric. It features an extra-wide brim 
(3 inches) to enhance sun protection and moisture-wicking fabric to keep sweat out of the wearer’s eyes.
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Safety helmets

The Titanium safety helmet provides protection from impact to the head. Its integrated adjustable chin strap helps secure the helmet on the wearer’s head. The helmet features an ABS impact-resistant outer shell, and is available vented and non-vented in a variety of colors.
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PAPR system

The Allegro EZ AIR Flex Grinding/Welding PAPR is a complete particulate system. This lightweight welding helmet features a durable flip-up visor to expose a grind shield below that maintains respiratory protection.
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Updated hard hats

These six-point suspension hard hats offer wearers two additional support straps for improved comfort. They also feature a comfortable, swinging ratchet for quick adjustment and better comfort. 
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Combo face/respiratory protection

The Honeywell North Primair 900 (PA900) Series Headgear offers users an all-in-one eye, face, head and respiratory safety solution, as well as ANSI-certified and NIOSH-approved protection for a range of applications.
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Protective helmet

HH-CH1-YG is a high-visibility yellow/green climbing-style protective helmet with six-point ratchet suspension and a four-point chin strap. Constructed of ABS material, the hat is ideal for workers in heavy infrastructure, oil and gas, wind power, construction, mining, and utilities.
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Smart hard hat

The HC1 Communicator is an intrinsically safe hard hat. It provides sensor-based contextual awareness of the surroundings; multimodal, real-time positioning and proximity detection; comprehensive audio-visual telecommunications; peripheral connectivity; and multiple wireless backhaul options, with an ergonomic and user-friendly interface.
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Arc flash protection

This lift-front hood, part of the Ultralight Series of Arc Flash PPE, offers wearers a larger viewing area through a clear gray color faceshield.
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