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ATA applies for HOS exemption for oil and gas transporters

Arlington, VA – The American Trucking Associations has applied for a two-year exemption from certain hours-of-service requirements for truck drivers who travel to and from oil and natural gas well sites.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations require drivers to spend 10 consecutive hours off-duty after 14 hours of on-duty time, which includes not only driving time but time spent waiting to load or unload shipments. Currently, specially trained drivers of commercial vehicles that are constructed to transport equipment at oil and natural gas well sites are allowed to use this waiting time as off-duty time. FMCSA allows this exemption because of the long periods of time these drivers frequently spend onsite waiting for shipments.

ATA is requesting that truckers who exclusively bring supplies to and from these sites also be allowed to count their waiting time at sites as off-duty time if they are able to find adequate accommodations at the site or in their trucks to rest.

Comments on ATA’s request are due July 7.