Injury prevention

Steel Safety Day set for April 28


Photo: Alex_533/iStock/Thinkstock

Brussels – The second annual Steel Safety Day is scheduled to take place on April 28 and will focus on preventing the most common steel industry hazards.

Overhead cranes, moving machinery, gas and asphyxiation, falling objects, and falling from heights are the five main causes of injuries in the steel industry. The World Steel Association, also known as worldsteel, is sponsoring the event and calling on all steel worksites across the world to conduct safety audits on those five hazards.

“The steel industry’s ultimate goal is to create an injury-free, illness-free and healthy workplace with zero incidents,” Edwin Basson, director general of worldsteel, said in a press release. “We urge all steel producers and related organizations to join the Steel Safety Day and take part in this crucial industry-wide safety audit.”

The association estimates that about 500,000 people participated in last year’s event.