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In the works: OSHA best practices on I2P2, temp workers

OSHA_logo -- Aug 2013

Washington – An in-development OSHA workgroup document will address best practices for taking temporary workers into account when creating and implementing injury and illness prevention programs.

Members of the National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health’s Temporary Workers Work Group conducted a public teleconference on May 13 to discuss aspects of the document. The workgroup has been charged with developing materials that would bring together existing I2P2 guidance with guidance on temporary worker safety.

The members agreed that the materials should include I2P2 best practices – which could follow recommendations found in ANSI Z10 – and a model contract. The document also will likely include a self-assessment for employers to determine whether their current program is consistent with best practices and help them prioritize intervention efforts.

Workgroup members will present draft versions of the document during a June 17 NACOSH meeting. At that point, the full committee will discuss the material and decide on a path to finalize the document.

Although the workgroup will develop the language used in the document, OSHA will decide in what format to release it. Possibilities include guidance documents or a bulletin.

NACOSH advises the secretaries of labor and health and human services on occupational safety and health programs and policies.