FAA revises guidance for safely taxiing, towing aircraft


Photo: SANSA Images

Washington – The Federal Aviation Administration has published new guidance aimed at keeping airport workers safe as airplanes are taxied and towed.

FAA’s updated “advisory circular” includes newly defined items such as airport operations areas and non-movement areas, and offers guidance for towered airports regarding non-pilot workers and equipment in the runway safety area.

Airport operators are responsible for setting safety policies and procedures for workers who transport aircraft. The agency offers several recommendations on maintaining a safe control program, including:

  • Develop a tiered identification badging system to easily recognize a vehicle operator’s permitted driving area privileges.
  • Establish policies for turning in permits when a vehicle is no longer authorized.
  • Create a system to manage commercial or delivery truck activity into and out of the movement and safety areas of the airport.
  • Develop training for commercial drivers who are permitted access.
  • Set up a “progressive penalty policy” for violators.