NSC joins PAVE coalition to raise awareness of driver assistance technology

PAVE logo
Photo: Partners for Automated Vehicle Education

Itasca, IL — The National Safety Council has partnered with a nationwide coalition of organizations dedicated to raising public awareness about automated vehicles and the safety benefits of advanced driver assistance systems. Partners for Automated Vehicle Education – known as PAVE – will help counter the confusion about current and future technologies so drivers and policymakers are fully educated about the lifesaving potential of these advancements.

The PAVE Coalition was unveiled Jan. 7 during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. “We are on the brink of the next generation of transportation: creating not just the safer car, but the safer driver,” Deborah A.P. Hersman, president and CEO of NSC, said in a Jan. 7 press release. “NSC is proud to join PAVE and work alongside organizations that, like us, believe in the promise of automated vehicle technology for enhanced mobility, improved sustainability and, above all, safety.”

In 2015, NSC launched the first national public education campaign – MyCarDoesWhat? – dedicated to addressing drivers’ questions and fears. Joining the PAVE Coalition further affirms NSC’s commitment to advancing consumer education and partnering with like-minded organizations to promote the lifesaving promise of automation.

For more information about the PAVE Coalition, visit pavecampaign.org.