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Bill would mandate sleep apnea screening for truck, bus drivers

Washington – Lawmakers introduced a bill on Sept. 12 to require obstructive sleep apnea screening requirements for truck and bus drivers to be established through formal rulemaking.

Truck and bus drivers with OSA, which is characterized by breathing pauses during sleep, may experience daytime sleepiness and other adverse effects. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has indicated it may release guidance advising medical examiners to screen all bus and truck drivers with risk factors for developing OSA – such as a body mass index of 35 or higher – during drivers’ medical certification exams.

The American Trucking Associations in a press release expressed its support of the bill, stating that a formal rulemaking process would allow for input from the public, including medical examiners and bus and truck drivers.

At press time, the bill (H.R. 3095) had been referred to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.