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Study finds CSA enhances FMCSA’s safety efforts

Washington – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program has enhanced federal efforts to improve safety in the commercial truck and bus industries, concludes a study released Feb. 5 by the government’s Volpe National Transportation Systems Center.

CSA, which was launched in December 2010, tracks regulatory violations made by truck and bus carriers as part of the program’s Safety Measurement System. Carriers with higher rates of violations are flagged by SMS to receive additional scrutiny from FMCSA.

Researchers commissioned by FMCSA examined two years of violation data for a selection of carriers in SMS and then analyzed their crash records for 18 months. Carriers flagged as high risk in SMS had double the national crash-rate average. Overall, 79 percent of high-risk carriers had higher crash rates than carriers that would not have been flagged without SMS.