Supreme Corporation

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Contact: Sharon Downs
Title: Marketing Specialist
Phone: 828-322-6975 ext. 130


Supreme Corporation
325 Spencer Road
Conover NC 28613
United States
Supreme has consistently been on the leading edge of yarn fiber technology and creates patented cut, slash and abrasion resistant yarns, garments and products. Tuff-N-Lite®, a division of Supreme, is the leader in Safety Apparel (PPE) for Industrial Safety. Tuff-N-Lite® garments are the superior product that sets the standard in industrial safety while providing outstanding investment value. Tuff-N-Lite® products are the leading PPE garments used in the glass industry. Our yarns, fabrics, and clothing can all be treated with our Micro-Texpur® brand of antimicrobial. We have perfected the application of antimicrobial to textiles and other surfaces. We currently have multiple USA patents and we are patent pending worldwide. We are the "gold standard" of safety apparel, yarns, and fabrics. Contact us today to see what Supreme and Tuff-N-Lite can do for you.
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