LBA Technology, Inc.

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Contact: Betty Perez
Title: Product Coordinator
Phone: 252-757-0279


LBA Technology, Inc.
3400 Tupper Drive
Greenville NC 27834
United States
LBA Technology designs and manufactures sophisticated antenna tuning and coupling systems, and provides transmission system design-build integration, for the low, medium and high frequency radio frequency bands at power levels to 1,000,000 watts, worldwide. We supply major components for the Voice of America and high power multiplexed medium wave antenna systems, towers and support for other international broadcasters. We make mobile transmitting stations for military and civilian use from man pack to C-130 flyable fielded by the US Army and British MOD. Our products include multiplexers (diplexers and triplexers), antenna tuning units (ATU’s), combiners, phasors, folded unipole antennas, and detuning systems. We manufacture architectural electromagnetic shielding components, including our proprietary workspace portable EMFaracage™. LBA Technology is also a distributor of Comet and Jennings vacuum capacitors, Schomandl RF test equipment, and Tomco test equipment and power amplifiers.
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