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Contact: alan Graham
Title: Chief Commercial Officer
Phone: +353 (1) 213 4900


9 Chemin de Belliere
Lausanne TX 1808
EMEX EHS Software solutions are embedded with some of the world’s largest multi-national organisations across a a broad spectrum of industry domains. Our heritage in building best-of-breed EHS and sustainability applications dates back over two decades and in that time we’ve established a firm authority as the leader in our field. We continue to be specified by some of the most discerning and progressive global businesses. Finding a solution to capture and centralise your EHS and sustainability data is not hard. There’s plenty of them out there. Finding one that understands how to drive hard, actionable business insights from that data however, is a much bigger challenge. And it’s in this that EMEX excel. The intelligent capture and monitoring functionality of our application platform is coupled with a Business Intelligence capability that is designed to bring rigorous analytics to your fingertips and deliver exceptional insights, empowering you to make faster, better decisions for the entire enterprise.
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