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A Blueprint for Prevention: How to Mitigate Safety Risks Through Human-Centered Design


8/3/23 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm CDT

Event Description

Everyone makes mistakes. When it comes to the health & safety of your workforce, however, even a single error can have truly dire consequences. But is there a way to design work to prevent errors from happening? And if so, how would we do it?

Designing safe work requires us to rethink beyond how the task needs to get done and consider how systems and environments can either create the conditions for errors to occur, to build in safeguards to anticipate and prevent them. Designing work for resilience and recoverability requires thoughtful consideration of human performance and limitations, and understanding of how errors occur and how individuals make decisions. By emphasizing proactive risk management through thoughtful design, organizations can prioritize the wellbeing of their workforce and create a culture of safety and continuous improvement.

We invite you to join Cority’s Kim Moull, CCPE, as she explores how organizations can enhance their risk management strategy by viewing work processes through lens of human-centered design.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How poorly designed work processes result in negative health & safety outcomes;
  • Why considering human-centered design concepts is critical to achieving a proactive risk management strategy; and
  • Strategies for leveraging basic design principles and processes to minimize human error and support safer work practices – ultimately reducing the chances of occupational injuries.


Kim Moull

Kim Moull
Product Marketing Manager, Cority

Kim is a product marketing manager supporting Cority’s ergonomics solutions. With more than seven years of ergonomic consulting and research experience, she has helped optimize and manage ergonomics programs for top organizations in a variety of sectors, including automotive, manufacturing, health care and public services. Kim is a Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist.


Alan FergusonAlan Ferguson
Associate Editor, Safety+Health magazine

Alan Ferguson covers worker safety for Safety+Health and serves as co-host of the magazine’s “On the Safe Side” podcast.