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Tornado safety

How to keep your family protected
Family Safety & Health asked Cheryl Nelson, meteorologist and weather and preparedness adviser for Cummins Inc., some key questions to help you be better prepared for a tornado.
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Wireless emergency alerts

Many communities offer wireless emergency alerts that can be sent directly to your mobile device – no app or subscription service needed. They include information on extreme weather, Amber Alerts (urgent bulletins issued in serious child-abduction cases) and presidential alerts in case of a national emergency.
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After the storm

Training, communication key to recovery worker safety
In the aftermath of devastating weather events, tens of thousands of storm recovery workers respond. A wide variety of potential hazards await.
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Stay on top of shoveling

A neighborhood blanketed with freshly fallen snow can be a beautiful sight. But for safety’s sake, your driveway and sidewalks will have to be cleared. Time to grab the shovel!
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Exercise safely in the cold

The thought of stepping outside into brisk winter air might deter even the most dedicated of outdoor fitness seekers. But cold-weather workouts can be safe if you know how to protect yourself.
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