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Industrial vacuum cleaner

The Model 1050 is a continuous-duty industrial vacuum cleaning system designed to vacuum high-density materials such as steel shot, grit, cement, foundry sand and similar materials.
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Metal powder recovery system

The Metal Powder Recovery System (AM-MPRS) for additive manufacturing and 3D printing applications provides conveying, screening, recovering and reuse of metal powders, including Stainless Steel, Haynes 282, Inconel and Cobalt Chrome.
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Air vacuum

The MDL15 Combustible Dust Air-Vac features the exclusive Venturi power unit, which offers the lowest compressed-air consumption on the market today.
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VAC-U-MAX, a Belleville, NJ-based manufacturer of compressed-air powered, continuous-duty and central vacuum cleaning systems, recently named Dickson Industrial Insight & Innovation Inc.
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