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Preventing backover incidents

With federal regulations no longer on the horizon, workers need to know how to stay safe around backing vehicles
Despite advances in technology, injuries and deaths from backing vehicles continue to occur. With federal regulation no longer on the horizon, experts say employers need to implement best practices to keep workers safe.
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Prevent backover injuries and deaths

Backing vehicles and equipment are a serious occupational hazard. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that, of the 443 struck-by fatalities at road construction sites between 2003 and 2010, 143 cases involved a vehicle or mobile equipment backing up.
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Backing up truck

Backing up vehicles safely

From 2005 to 2010, dump trucks, semi-trailers, trucks, forklifts, garbage trucks and pickup trucks were involved in nearly 200 workplace backover deaths, according to OSHA.
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Reducing backover incidents

Concerns grow over the high number of worker deaths
Concerns are growing about the high number of deaths due to vehicles or equipment backing over workers. An OSHA standard for regulating backing operations does not exist, but employers can take proactive steps to reduce the hazard.
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