Facility safety



Floor markers and decals

These floor markings and decals help keep workers safe, alerting them to hazards related to construction, forklift traffic, radiation, arc flash and confined spaces.
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Collision avoidance system

OmniPro is a collision avoidance system with Visual Artificial Intelligence, which enables line-of-travel, crosswalk, and blind-spot alerting of pedestrians and vehicles.
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Drain cover

The PIG DrainBlocker Drain Cover is designed to seal off floor or storm drains entirely so no unwanted liquids get into the water supply.
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Pop-up tent

The SHAX 6052 heavy-duty pop-up tent kit provides 100 square feet of shade. The kit includes one tent, two detachable side panels with mesh windows, two weight bags and a carrying bag.
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Check-in station

Allow for physical distancing and minimize face-to-face interaction in lobbies and entryways with check-in kiosk technology.
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Roof anchor

This reusable roof anchor is made of galvanized steel and can be used on wood or metal roofs. It consists of two steel flaps with 16 holes, and can be fitted on two sides or a beam.
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Ejection curtain guarding kits

Most commonly used on H-frame presses or compacting presses that are hydraulic powered, these corrosion-resistant ejection curtains are coiled-wire fabric machine guards, widely used in the manufacturing and fabrication industries to guard operators from ejected parts and debris during machine use.
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