Facility safety



Spill-containment pallets

This redesigned assortment of spill-containment pallets now features a compact, space-saving design. Available in painted or galvanized steel, the pallets are designed to catch spills, leaks and drips to keep work areas safe, clean and neat.
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Pneumatic vacuum hoist

These optional post hoists allow a conveyor to safely be raised and precisely positioned in elevated installations and lowered for easy access and cleaning – eliminating the need for workers to climb ladders or stairs or onto mezzanines.
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Polymer safety barrier 

Capable of stopping impacts at levels equivalent to its steel counterparts, the GuardRite Polymer Safety Barrier is made from scratch-resistant, impact-modified polypropylene. It bends and absorbs collisions – then returns to its original shape – with little or no damage to floors, material handling equipment or the barriers themselves.
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Light curtain mirrors

This line of mirrors, available in sizes from 18.7 to 74.8 inches, enables safety professionals to guard multiple sides of a work cell using only one emitter/receiver pair.
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Industrial fan

The CoolMan Zone Fan is designed to balance the temperature in your facility while preventing hot or cold spots. With a coverage of 1,200 to 2,500 square feet, the fan mixes air from ceiling to floor in a continuous, concise column.
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Panel system

The KNAACK Scaffold Armour is an easy-to-install panel system that converts the widely used standard 6-foot baker-style scaffold into a lockable storage solution for security on the jobsite.
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Machine safeguard

In the event of a power interruption, the Sensing-Saf-Start automatically disconnects power to a machine so that when power is restored, the machine won’t restart. Only after the reset button has been pressed by the machine operator can the machine be restarted.
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Gas monitor

The G6 personal gas detector is a fully connected and intuitive solution that leverages the latest in Internet of Things cellular connectivity.
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Ammonia sensor

This NH3 long-life ammonia sensor works optimally regardless of how much it has been exposed to ammonia. It’s ideal in environments where ammonia could be present 24/7 – including refrigeration facilities, fertilizer manufacturing and livestock farms.
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Pallet drop safety gates

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates Inc. has extended options for power, remote operation and tracking through its full line of pallet drop safety gates. New configurations work within the flow of a facility’s applications, offer no-touch environments and have custom engineered designs.
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