Facility safety



Island canopy hoods

Ideal for use over peninsulas, these island canopy hoods are rust proof; chemical resistant; and designed to collect and exhaust heat, steam, corrosive vapors and odors.
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Snow-melting mats

EasyHeat SnoMelter mats melt snow on stairs, driveways, sidewalks and patios, reducing the need to manually clear snow. The mats are installed below asphalt surfaces, under pavers or in concrete, and are then connected to standard 240 voltage.
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Mesh railing

The Series 9M mesh railing features a code-compliant, contemporary design and combines a modern look with the benefits of low-maintenance aluminum frames.
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Fire-rated storage buildings

Ideal for storage of lithium-ion batteries, the Rack Fire Protect non-occupancy buildings are fire rated for two hours at 2,000° F. The containment facilities minimize the risk of fire spreading from damaged, malfunctioning or deep-discharged batteries to the workplace.
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Kiln bedding cart

The Split Bedding Cart makes it safer and easier to rebrick the bottoms of kilns. The split deck gives workers increased access to materials during refractory brick installation.
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Ball lift table

Designed to hold up to 500 pounds, this semi-powered ball transfer conveyor table allows workers to slide products on or off shelves 12 to 48 inches high without lifting. The product can be rolled onto the table and maneuvered to the desired direction.
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Storm shelter

With its quarter-inch thick steel outer plate, the RemainSafe storm shelter is designed to withstand EF5 tornadoes, which can generate winds in excess of 250 mph.
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Intermediate bulk container funnel

Offering a fast, safe and efficient way to refill intermediate bulk container totes, the Falcon Funnel XL model is made of chemical-resistant polyethylene. The funnel is easily fitted to a standard tote and has a storage pocket for an IBC locking lid and a discharge basin with side storage areas.
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