Facility safety



Powered stacker

The PowerStak Model PPS-3000-AS is a compact heavy-duty stacker that boasts a full 3,000 pounds of capacity with a 24-inch load center.
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Fever alert thermal imaging system

The HSI4000M Fever Alert System screens groups of people and identifies individuals with elevated body temperatures – a potential indication of fever associated with many communicable diseases, including the Ebola virus.
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Height-adjusting carts

Auto-Hite Automatic Height-Adjusting Carts are an ergonomic solution to many material handling and assembly applications.
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Vehicle restraint

The Dok-Lok SHR-5000 Vehicle Restraint uses a patented “shadow hook” design to secure traditional trailers as well as intermodal container chassis and trailers with rear-impact guard obstructions.
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Backup camera system

The Heated Backup Camera System with a color 7-inch waterproof multi-view LCD monitor for indoor and outdoor forklifts features a high-resolution, ultra-sharp digital display and LED-backlit panel.
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Drop zone caution tape

Ideal for worksites that need to block off specific areas due to falling objects, Squids 3601 Drops Zone Tape is available in 300- and 1,000-foot rolls and features a repeating “CAUTION: DROPS ZONE” message to prevent workers or bystanders from entering potentially dangerous areas.
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Electric tankless water heaters

CNA and SNA Series electric tankless water heaters, new to the Keltech Tankless Tempering Systems line, feature lower pressure drops than the original CN and SN Series, providing a greater level of product performance and reliability.
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