Facility safety



Roof anchor

This reusable roof anchor is made of galvanized steel and can be used on wood or metal roofs. It consists of two steel flaps with 16 holes, and can be fitted on two sides or a beam.
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Ejection curtain guarding kits

Most commonly used on H-frame presses or compacting presses that are hydraulic powered, these corrosion-resistant ejection curtains are coiled-wire fabric machine guards, widely used in the manufacturing and fabrication industries to guard operators from ejected parts and debris during machine use.
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Portable fencing

Ready Railing instantly creates temporary boundaries to help with physical distancing. Suitable for indoor or outdoor environments, this lightweight aluminum product comes preassembled and ready to use.
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The Traverse T1246X Telehandler is the only telehandler product line on the market with a traversing boom carriage with capability to move loads by traveling horizontally.
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Industrial safety gates

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates Inc. has expanded the power operation and technology offerings that can be added to its safety gate product line to save time and provide efficiencies when lift trucks are transferring material to and from upper levels.
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Cold air system

The Allegro Cold Air System offers an OSHA-compliant fresh, refrigerated air supply system that provides comfortable, safe, cooled breathing air for industrial users.
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Sanitizing system

The Touchless Disinfecting and Sanitizing System is standardized around a hypochlorous acid-based chemistry in effervescent tablet form for a healthier, more effective way to prevent outbreaks.
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Aluminum railing

Series 500 Non-Welded Aluminum Pipe Railing protects both equipment and visitors in chemical, food and beverage manufacturing environments.
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