Facility safety



Truck step

The Big Truck Tire Step is the only tire step that allows workers to safely step on the top of a tire.
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Storm shelters

Safe Sheds Storm Shelters meet FEMA 361/ICC 500 requirements for storm shelters and can hold up to 16 people at the required 5-square-foot-per-person allowance.
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Foam hand sanitizer

Deb InstantFOAM Complete is a broad-spectrum foam hand sanitizer that kills up to 99.99 percent of germs.
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Pallet jack safety guard

On most manual pallet jacks, the back wheels are exposed, presenting a danger to the feet of operators or bystanders.
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Evaporative coolers

The Portacool Jetstream series of evaporative coolers features revitalized designs that generate significant airflow and provide superior cooling options for a variety of work environments.
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Rolling metal ladder

The WORKMASTER Rolling Metal Ladder, built with extra heavy-duty components, is resistant to most dings and bumps in harsh work environments.
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Crane inspection software

The periodic ritual of OSHA-required crane inspection has been revolutionized with the proprietary MAINMAN software program.
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Air ventilation blower

The EP16ACP Ventilation Blower is designed to meet confined space ventilation demands for construction, utility and municipal applications.
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Electronic horn

The Model 450EWBX Hazardous Location Electronic Horn offers a patent-pending design that emits a very loud, clear and distinctive electronic tone.
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