On Display 2016

On Display 2016

Browse listings of Safety+Health advertisers exhibiting at the 2016 NSC Congress & Expo, October 17 - 19.



Polartec LLC

The DragonWear Elements Flak Jacket is modern, more comfortable FR workwear built from best-in-class Polartec® technology. Polartec® Wind Pro® fabric offers breathable warmth and wind and water resistance, as well as Polartec® Hardface™ for superior durability. This jacket offers permanent flame resistance compliant with ANSI 107, FR NFPA 2112 and Arc Flash CAT 2 certifications.

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Mr. Chain

Mr. Chain’s plastic chain creates an effective, highly visible barrier for crowd control, construction sites, traffic control, and more. It is lightweight, strong, durable, fade-resistant and meets OSHA standards for visual barriers. Available by the foot or in our stanchion kits, loading dock kits, and cone chain connector kits.

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Mount Vernon FR

Mount Vernon FR launches the newest additions to its Resilience® line of flame-resistant fabrics, engineered to take durability to the next level. Purpose-built to deliver significantly higher abrasion resistance, the new fabrics – Arapaho R, Hopi N2X and Navajo N2X – feature cotton blended with high-tenacity nylon or Kevlar for increased strength.

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HAWS Corp.

Model 7501T is the only tempered portable eyewash in the market. The 9- gallon, gravity-fed eyewash uses a heated, insulated blanket that provides ANSI-compliant tempered water in ambient operating temperatures from -30° F (-34° C) to 100° F (38° C). Ideal for remote locations without access to a continuous potable water source. Haz Loc and 240V versions are available.

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