Special Section: First Look Product Focus

With fall comes the release of many new safety and health products, services and technology from manufacturers. Here, Safety+Health advertisers offer a “first look” at their products. Check out some of these products in person at the 2022 NSC Safety Congress & Expo, Sept. 19-21 in San Diego.



Würth NSI

No matter what tools or chemicals you use on the job, you can depend on the team of experts at Würth NSI for the supplies and production solutions you need to work safely every day, increase output and lower your costs.
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Wrangler FR

Made from mid-weight denim that’s crafted with a cotton blend and features just the right amount of stretch, the Wrangler Retro® FR slim-fit straight-leg jean is the first line of defense against flames, sparks and other worksite hazards.
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Wooster Products, Inc.

Stairmaster® provides a convenient, easy-to-install method of restoring and modernizing all types of stairs and walking surfaces. Heat-treated, corrosion-resistant aluminum with a diamond-hard aluminum oxide filler ensures long tread life, even under heavy pedestrian traffic.
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Werner Co.

The Werner A510300 R3 Concrete Anchor is a reusable, safe and secure anchorage solution for horizontal, vertical or overhead anchoring applications. Built with a rigid tri-wedge design and diamond-hard carbon coating, the anchor incorporates an omni-directional design, allowing the connector to rotate 360 degrees and flip back and forth 180 degrees.
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The compact Therm-O-Mix® Station from ThermOmegaTech® instantly delivers tepid water to emergency safety showers and face/eyewash stations using only a facility’s existing steam and water supplies. 
The unit is completely mechanical and requires no outside electricity or air to function, making it ideal for any outdoor installation, especially in explosion-proof industrial environments.
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SW Safety Solutions

Value and performance hand protection for lab, life science and industrial environments. Now with EcoTek biodegradable technology that allows nitrile to degrade 92.6% in landfills in only 2.5 years without any glove performance loss.
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Superior Glove

The Tenactiv S21TXUFN glove delivers ANSI Level A9 cut resistance. With a bare-hand feel, the glove also features 360-degree cut protection and provides both durability and puncture protection without sacrificing flexibility.
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Streamlight, Inc.

With alkaline or rechargeable options, the Enduro® Pro HAZ-LO® and USB HAZ-LO® safety-rated, Class 1, Div. 1 headlamps provide long runtime with both spot and flood options in the same light. Work safely and avoid trip hazards with flexible hands-free lighting from Streamlight.
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Skedco, Inc.

The Sked Stretcher system offers greater versatility than any other system. It performs confined space, water, vertical-rope, military, helicopter and virtually any other type of rescues. It floats nearly vertically and will accommodate nearly any size patient.
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Sentry Protection Products

Constant motion, noise, narrow aisles, machinery, traffic and blind corners all factor into warehouses being dangerous places to work. 
Collision Sentry Corner Pro: for those “accidents waiting to happen” at blind-corner intersections.
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