Aging workers



Safe at any age

Effective messaging for a multigenerational workforce
Today’s workforce includes four generations of workers who grew up in different eras and bring a variety of experience, knowledge and cultures to the job. How can safety pros deliver messaging that effectively reaches this diverse group?
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Aging worker

Keeping aging workers safe

Employers and researchers explore strategies
The proportion of older workers in the United States continues to rise, prompting safety professionals and researchers to strategize about the best ways to accommodate them.
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NIOSH Total Worker Health webinar focuses on aging workforce

Atlanta – Productive aging is about minimizing losses and maximizing growth. That was the message from James Grosch, NIOSH Center for Productive Aging and Work co-director and research psychologist, during a Sept. 27 webinar, “Productive Aging and Work: Theory, Health Data & Practical Solutions” – part of the NIOSH Total Worker Health webinar series.
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NIOSH webinar to discuss aging workforce

Washington – The next webinar in NIOSH’s Total Worker Health series will provide an “overview of theory, research data, obstacles and potential solutions for addressing the challenges and opportunities posed by an aging workforce.”
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2016 State of Safety: Changing demographics

2016 State of Safety: Changing demographics

A greater number of older workers are staying on the job. How is workplace safety affected?
Older workers have a wealth of knowledge from their years of experience. But they also bring increased risk of on-the-job fatalities and severe injuries. In about six years, one-quarter of all U.S. workers will be 55 or older. What actions can safety professionals take now to ensure a safe workplace down the road? “This is the next frontier,” one safety pro says.
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