Protective clothing



Protective suit

The PBI Lightweight Gold 40-cal Hazards Risk Category 4 arc flash system is breathable and comfortable.
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Sun-protection accessory

Hi-Vis SunThing is a seamless multifunctional knit tube offering UPF 25 as a single layer and UPF 50 when double layered.
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Cooling products

The Arctic Skull cooling products line helps wearers manage heat stress at work, home and play.
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Women’s welding gear

The Jessi Combs Women’s Welding Gear Ready-Pak means female welders no longer need to wrestle with oversized jackets and gloves that don’t fit.
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Long-sleeved FR shirt

M140T is a limited-edition, long-sleeved Longhorn shirt constructed with lightweight and breathable 5.4-ounce FRMC fabric.
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Protective clothing

Nomex MHP fabrics offer inherent, multi-hazard protection that can help keep wearers safe from a variety of thermal hazards, including heat and flame, arc flash, and small molten metal splashes in industrial areas.
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Workrite NP Dec 13

Flame-resistant outerwear

This flame-resistant outerwear line features 3M Thinsulate Platinum Insulation – ideal FR protection for cold-weather conditions as it provides extra warmth without extra garment weight.
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Springfield-LLC NP Dec 13

Flame-resistant protective clothing

DuPont Nomex MHP, manufactured and distributed by Springfield LLC, is a high-performance fabric with inherent protection against heat and flame, electric arc and small molten-metal splashes.
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Ergodyne --NP Nov13

Winter liner

The N-Ferno 6890 3-Layer FR Winter Liner features 3-Layer Modacrylic twill/FR Thinsulate/Modacrylic fleece (ATPV rating of 27 cal/cm2) and a shell made of Modacrylic cotton blend twill.
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