Protective clothing



Windbreaker with detachable sleeves

The ANSI Type R Class 3 4-in-1 Reversible Gray Bottom Multi-Seasonal Windbreaker with Detachable Sleeves is ideal for construction workers, survey crews, utility workers and anywhere high visibility is needed.
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Arc flash task wear

The UltraLite Series of Arc Flash PPE Task Wear has been updated. Available in both 11 and 12 cal/cm2 and 40 cal/cm2, the UltraLite Series is designed for use by qualified professionals trained in proper arc flash safety.

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Arc flash hoods

ArcGuard Lift Front Arc Flash Hoods were created to solve the common problems of poor ventilation and overheating that often come with traditional hood designs.
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High-visibility garments

Designed for a variety of construction and work environments, this line of high-quality, high-visibility garments includes vests, shirts, outerwear and rainwear.
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Flame-resistant hoodie

The Elements Cyclone Pull-Over Hoodie is constructed of DragonWear Inherent Tri-Blend Elements FR Fabric and features a wind-repelling outer surface and a durable water-resistant finish.
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High-visibility apparel

The durable, high-performance Hi-Vis Deluxe Flotation Jacket with ArcticShield Hood and the Hi-Vis Mesh Deluxe Vest come in high-visibility yellow with orange reflective tape.
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