Journal of Safety Research announces call for papers on MSDs

Photo: Wavebreakmedia/iStockphoto

Musculoskeletal disorders are a persistent and unresolved issue in the workplace. The National Safety Council is coordinating a virtual special issue of the Journal of Safety Research focused on MSDs.

NSC invites manuscripts on the following research and practice areas of MSDs in any workplace environment – but with a significant focus on safety and health implications:

  • Original research that explores new and innovative ways of tackling various issues of MSDs
  • State-of-the-art reviews (examples: systematic, scoping and meta-analysis) on emergent theories of MSD mechanisms, pathophysiology, prevention methodologies, interventions and technologies
  • Impact of risk factors and risk markers, as well as causal factors of work, worker and workplace
  • Prevention through Design program findings, including return-on-investment studies
  • Utility of predictive data analytics in workplace safety and injury reduction (example: workers’ compensation data sets)
  • Issues of disparities and inequities (examples: migrant, underrepresented populations)
  • Regulatory compliance and policy challenges
  • Applications of emergent technologies and intervention studies using emergent technologies (examples: computer vision, artificial intelligence)
  • Role of psychosocial risk factors and mental health in the workplace
  • Impact of emerging infectious diseases (example: COVID-19) on musculoskeletal health
  • Risk assessment and reduction methodologies, including epidemiological survey tools (examples: development, validation and reliability)
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of safety, health and wellness programs (example: efficacy studies of industrial athlete programs)
  • Safety culture maturity and safety climate studies in injury prevention, including measurement analysis
  • Safety and health metrics (lagging, leading and impact) on injury prevention and mitigation
  • Worker health promotion and improving worker safety and health (example: Total Worker Health)

Manuscripts should highlight the implications and future research needs for workplace safety and health. Submitted manuscripts will be peer-reviewed in accordance with the journal’s acceptance policies.

To submit a manuscript, go to and select “VSI: Workplace MSDs.”