NTSB ‘Most Wanted’ list targets distraction

Once again, the National Transportation Safety Board has included distraction in transportation – specifically the use of portable electronic devices such as cell phones – on its annual “Most Wanted” list. The list outlines the federal agency’s top transportation safety priorities each year. Cell phone use has been a factor in car, rail, aviation and vessel crashes investigated by NTSB in recent years. The National Safety Council estimates 1 in 4 motor vehicle crashes involve cell phone use – either handheld or hands-free.

In 2009, NSC called for a total ban on all cell phone use while driving after reviewing several studies that show hands-free devices do not offer drivers any safety benefit. In 2011, NTSB became the first government agency to call for a total ban.

NSC has created infographics that help illustrate the impact of using a cell phone while driving. The Great Multitasking Lie helps drivers understand cognitive distraction, and Driving Down Distraction helps employers understand the need for cell phone policies. Please share these infographics to help raise awareness about the dangers of using cell phones behind the wheel.