Kids and concussions

Know the signs and symptoms
Kids can get concussions during all sorts of activities. Falling off a swing. Taking a tumble while climbing a tree. Even bumping their head on a wall while playing inside the house. Here’s what you need to know about spotting the symptoms of concussion.
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On the Safe Side podcast Episode 49: Distracted driving and March issue highlights

In Episode 49, the S+H team examines content included in the March issue, such as a quiz on ladder safety, advice on having difficult conversations at work and issues for women in construction. Also, National Safety Council colleague Amy Artuso joins the podcast to discuss Distracted Driving Awareness Month in the “Five Questions With …” segment.
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Supporting women in construction

Safety pros and industry leaders offer input for overcoming challenges
“Women seem to have to work harder to prove their knowledge of the subject matter even when they might have more knowledge and experience than a male,” one expert says.
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Steer clear of floodwaters

‘Turn Around – Don’t Drown,’ weather and safety experts say
Six inches of floodwater can cause passenger cars to lose control and stall, the National Weather Service warns. Twelve inches of fast-moving floodwater is enough to carry away most cars, while 24 inches can displace a majority of trucks and SUVs.
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5 tips to prevent older adult falls

Small changes can make a big difference
“Falls are largely preventable,” said Jennifer Tipken, associate director of the Center of Healthy Aging at the National Council on Aging. “While falls are very common in older adults, there are things that you can do to prevent them.”
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