When customers get hostile

Help workers stay safe
Pre-COVID-19 pandemic work life may not return as quickly for employees in customer-facing industries. As some experts see it, the immediate future for workers in grocery, retail, hospitality and similar sectors still includes the risk of stress and anxiety stemming from interactions with angry or aggressive customers.
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Keep aging workers safe on the job

What employers can do
“We don’t want to suggest that older workers create the safety hazards, because it’s the job conditions that create the safety hazards,” says Chris Cain of CPWR – The Center for Construction Research and Training. “But we do see that the risks on the job do sometimes disproportionately affect aging workers.”
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Language and culture

'We can benefit the team'

Take cultures into account when you have a multilingual workforce
“Clear written and verbal communications are essential to health and safety excellence,” says one safety expert. “It’s even more important when different languages are involved.”
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Campbell Award

‘Always talking about safety’

Allegion is the 2021 recipient of the Robert W. Campbell Award
Allegion has received the 2021 Robert W. Campbell Award – presented annually by the National Safety Council to an organization that successfully integrates environmental, health and safety management with business operations.
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