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Implementing Continuous Improvement in Electrical Safety Against Electrical Shock and Arc Flash


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11/11/21 12:00 pm to 11/11/21 1:00 pm CST

Event Description

A substantial uptake in electrical safety has been observed over the past decade. Many interactions with industry show that companies have trained workers and procured arc-rated personal protective equipment. However, soon afterward, the electrical safety program became dormant. Incident investigations show that industries following this trend have experienced serious electrical incidents. Continuous improvement is key to avoiding this. CI is now more crucial than ever before to protect against electrical shock and arc-flash injuries and fatalities.

During this webinar, we’ll discuss CI techniques for both training and PPE. Is there more to PPE than just arc rating? We’ll demonstrate how to optimize a written safety program, making it more useful to employees.

Then, we’ll offer a recap on the electrical maintenance “brilliant at basics” concept. The risk assessment process will be integrated into these topics using practical exercises. The presentation will conclude with the “Electrical Safety Cycle” concept and tips to implement this electrical safety program in practice.


Zarheer Jooma Zarheer Jooma, Partner, e-Hazard

Zarheer Jooma is a partner at e-Hazard. He has a master’s degree in electrical engineering, is a certified professional engineer, and is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Zarheer presents arc flash safety training, performs arc flash engineering studies and serves as a subject matter expert on incident investigations. He’s a member of IEC TC78, ASTM F18 and IEEE WG P1584.1.

Hugh Hoagland Hugh Hoagland, Service Line Manager, Arc Wear

Hugh Hoagland is an expert on electrical arc testing and electrical safety. He has helped write standards for ASTM, NFPA and IEC/ISO to protect against electric arcs and flash fires. Hugh works for ArcWear – A Kinectrics Co. ( and founded e-Hazard (, performing arc testing, consulting and electrical safety training.


Kevin DruleyKevin Druley, Associate Editor, Safety+Health magazine.

Kevin Druley covers worker safety for Safety+Health.



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