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Three-mode portable gas detector docking station

With industry safety regulations becoming increasingly stringent and lifesaving instrument maintenance getting more attention, the DSX Docking Station provides three operating modes: stand-alone, cloud-connected (DSXi) and local server (DSX-L).
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Industrial Scientific Corp.

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Give your gas detector a home. A place to check in. A place to recover. A place to recharge. A place to disclose every detail about a shift, and let you know when it is ready to take on the next one. The new DSX™ Docking Station ensures that your instruments are ready when you are. Find out more.

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Single-gas monitor

The Tango TX1 single-gas monitor features a three-year run time and DualSense Technology that increases worker safety – regardless of bump-test frequency – while reducing overall maintenance costs.
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Gas detection solution

The MX6 Refuge Chamber Kit is the first portable gas detection solution for use in refuge chambers that is approved by the Mine Safety and Health Administration in accordance with the regulations specified in Part 7 of Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations.
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