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Eyewash expiration timer

Compliance made easy. The Eyewash Expiration Timer provides simple, effective visual management for emergency eyewashes, helping to ensure OSHA compliance.
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Self-contained eyewash

The G1562 Eyewash and Drench Hose “Keg” is the latest innovation in portable emergency equipment technology.
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Emergency eyewashes/showers

What is considered an “obstruction” in the path to an emergency shower (e.g., doors, stairs, curbs, etc.)?
What is considered an “obstruction” in the path to an emergency shower (e.g., doors, stairs, curbs, etc.)?
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Trends in ... emergency eyewashes/showers

Consistency and comfort
Do your employees have quick access to properly working emergency eyewashes and showers? To ensure equipment is available when needed, employers should make accessibility a top priority, according to Shannon Harper, ESEW product manager for Houston-based Encon Safety Products.
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Emergency eyewash system

The AXION Advantage system offers a medically superior response for upgrading existing emergency equipment. The AXION MSR design improves existing emergency equipment while maintaining ANSI compliance. With four Advantage kits providing the necessary pieces to convert 80 percent of existing eyewashes and showers, your facility will have the tools to upgrade older Haws products, replace ineffective products and test for continued ANSI compliance.

Haws Corp.

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Portable emergency eyewash station

The Fendall 2000 delivers 100 percent sterile eyewash solution from a completely sterile delivery system. Features include easy-view side windows to check the sterile solution’s expiration date and an alarm system that sounds when the unit has been activated and when the required 15-minute flush is complete. The Fendall 2000 meets ANSI’s Z358.1-2009 15-minute flush requirement for primary eyewash stations.

Honeywell Safety Products

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Emergency eye/face wash

The HALO eye/face wash arms users with the most effective emergency relief available in the industry. Designed with the latest technology in fluid dynamics, HALO covers 85 percent of the user’s face – protection that is more than 20 percent better than any other eye/face wash system on the market. HALO incorporates an exclusive self-draining feature, which eliminates standing water left in the unit between uses and testing.

Bradley Corp.

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Freeze or scald protection valves

All Encon showers can be fitted with automatic freeze or scald protection valves for use during temperature extremes. Automatic Freeze Valves open automatically when the internal water temperature reaches 35° F (2° C) and close at 40° F (4.5° C). Automatic Scald Valves open when the internal water temperature reaches 105° F (41° C) and close at 95° F (35° C).

Encon Safety Products

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