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Basic electrical safety on the job

Although injuries from electrical hazards represent a fraction of total on-the-job injuries, they are more likely to result in death than injuries from other causes, according to the Arlington, VA-based Electrical Safety Foundation International.
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Avoid electrical hazards in the office

The high volume of electrical equipment in a typical office can expose workers to serious electrical hazards, including shocks, burns and fire, the Rosslyn, VA-based Electrical Safety Foundation International warns.
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Prevent electrocutions

Electrical hazards cause more than 300 electrocutions and 4,000 injuries in the workplace each year, according to the Rosslyn, VA-based Electrical Safety Foundation International. Many of these incidents could have been avoided with increased awareness about electricity, according to the organization.
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Proper use of electrical equipment

Improperly using electrical equipment can create very serious hazards for workers. Special safety features built into equipment often are rendered ineffective when equipment is manipulated or misused.
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Extending electrical safety

When selecting an extension cord for use with a power tool or high-powered machine, cord length is not the only thing that should be considered. Improper use of extension cords can easily cause appliances to overheat and can lead to fire.
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